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I'm a cloud engineer based in Scottsdale, Arizona ☁️
Raised in Silicon Valley, I've been immersed in technology from an early age. I am Currently an honors student pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology and am available to provide both full-time and part-time support with the flexibility to work remotely or on-site. Possessing a robust background in cloud computing and a history of delivering inventive IT solutions, I specialize in creating elegant and efficient architectural designs that surpass client expectations. Let's collaborate to transform your cloud-based concepts into reality!
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My Services

Software Engineering

As a skilled software engineer I bring expertise in coding, web development, and a strong ability to quickly learn new applications and technologies.


Cloud Architecture

Certified cloud engineer with expertise in AWS and Azure technologies, specializing in building and refining cloud-based solutions.


IT Solutions

Experienced IT solutions technician with expertise in programming, MySQL, Windows/Linux OS, and networking. Committed to professionalism and delivering results beyond expectations.

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My Portfolio Some Of My Works

AWS Serverless Resume Website
(AKA This Website☁️)

Designed and developed a responsive web-based resume using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, hosted on AWS. Integrated AWS services, such as S3, Route 53, and CloudFront, to ensure fast and secure content delivery. Implemented cloud computing concepts, including scalability, availability, and cost-effectiveness, to optimize the website's performance and reliability.


Data Scraper | School Project | November 2022

Developed a datascraper program to extract product pricing data and store it using cloud computing technologies. Designed a scalable database and performed data analysis to identify pricing trends and product availability. Generated charts and visual aids to illustrate trends, enabling informed business decisions.

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Calvin Gray


Scottsdale, AZ 85260, USA


+(602) 796-7616